Researches show that having a Doula reduces by 28% the risk of having a C-section, and by 34% the risk of being dissatisfied with the birth experience. A doula is an experienced guide trained to support women during pregnancy and birth.

Mama Moon offers complete doula support during your pregnancy, your birth, and your postpartum period, whether you give birth at the hospital or at home. We will help you design the birth that you want and we will support you physically and emotionally no matter what happens during labor and birth. Then, we will help you care for yourself and for your newborn in the comfort of your own home days or nights.

Our goals are for you to feel strong, serene, and supported so that you can truly enjoy the best moment of your life!

Postpartum is a time to heal emotionally and physically. All you need is a doula to support you through this precious time. 

If you want to be guided, supported and comforted during your birth, and if you want to be in charge and make informed choices, you need a doula and I will gladly be your guide!

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Our packages offer what every woman deserves: Strength, Serenity, and Support!​

Post Partum Support


Mama Moon - Doula Services in Nashville - Birth and PostPartum Support

Postpartum Support

W​e offer non-judgmental doula services for you and your family, in and around Nashville so that you can go through the most wonderful time of your life with serenity, strength, and support.

​​​​​​Labor Support

And if you want extra pampering, Mama Moon Doula Services offers other services that can be helpful during your pregnancy so you can focus on what matters most.

Labor Support