Aqua Relaxation is done in a warm water pool and is best appreciated toward the end of your pregnancy.

During a session you will do gentle Aqua Aerobics exercises, swim a little, and perform relaxation excercises. 

Water is the best environment during pregnancy because it gives a sense of weightlessness and it allows free movement and new positionning. 

Aqua Aerobics also helps prepare women for childbirth by helping them to better control their breathing.

1h session: 35$ 

Aqua Relaxation

 AquaNatal is an 8 weeks course that you will share with 5 other women. It is done in an indoor, warm water pool and is best appreciated toward the end of your pregnancy.

AquaNatal is a mix of gentle Aqua Aerobics and birth preparation. We will work on strengthening  your muscles, especially your pelvic floor, and on breathing, pushing, and relaxation. Since I am also a doula, I will provide educational information and answer any questions on birth and the postpartum period at every class. 

European mothers love AquaNatal classes and enjoy them even more than prenatal yoga because water is the best environment during pregnancy!
AquaNatal offers countless of benefits: The soothing weightlessness of swimming eases the aches and pains of your pregnant body. Exercise in water also increases circulation, improves sleep pattern, moods, and self esteem. 
AquaNatal will help you prepare for childbirth because it builds stamina, helps you to better control your breathing, teaches relaxation, promotes pelvic floor awareness, decreases anxiety and helps you bond with your baby. Finally, you will get to meet other pregnant mamas and have so much fun together!

AquaNatal is a great way to get ready for birth, bond with your unborn baby, to have fun with other mamas, and to ease the pressure on your body!

                                               8 sessions: 35$ each

Prenatal Massage


Amandine, Doula and owner of Mama Moon was taught this massage technique in France from a certified Prenatal Massage Therapist.

It is a very soft massage that avoids the breast area, the spine, and all of the sensible labor triggering points of the body.

Getting a massage while pregnant  is good for the body and for the soul! It relieves body aches and pains, increases circulation, hydrates the skin, reduces anxiety and depression, soothes and relaxes, and helps to connect with baby. 

1h massage: $95 

Protocol of 6 tailored sessions, based on reducing stress and tension during pregnancy, pain management, bonding with baby before birth, getting better sleep, preparing body and mind for birth, activating positive thoughts and reducing fear about a medical environment during birth. 
Fathers can also join certain sessions. Each session is recorded so that you can practice at home, as well as a short record given for the day of birth.

6 sessions (1 hour per session): $200


Our next series will start Sunday the 10th of June at 5:30pm​

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