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AquaNatal is an 8 weeks course that you will share with 5 other women. It is done in an indoor, warm water pool and is best appreciated toward the end of your pregnancy.
AquaNatal is a mix of gentle Aqua Aerobics and birth preparation. We will work on strengthening  your muscles, especially your pelvic floor, and on breathing, pushing, and relaxation. Since I am also a doula, I will provide educational information and answer any questions on birth and the postpartum period at every class. 

European mothers love AquaNatal classes and enjoy them even more than prenatal yoga because water is the best environment during pregnancy!
AquaNatal offers countless of benefits: The soothing weightlessness of swimming eases the aches and pains of your pregnant body. Exercise in water also increases circulation, improves sleep pattern, moods, and self esteem. 
AquaNatal will help you prepare for childbirth because it builds stamina, helps you to better control your breathing, teaches relaxation, promotes pelvic floor awareness, decreases anxiety and helps you bond with your baby. Finally, you will get to meet other pregnant mamas and have so much fun together!

AquaNatal is a great way to get ready for birth, bond with your unborn baby, to have fun with other mamas, and to ease the pressure on your body!

Who is the teacher? 
Amandine Bossy is the owner of Mama Moon. She is also a Doula, and an AquaNatal teacher. 
 She got certified with the Namaka AquaNatal training taught by a certified midwife.

 We are all women, and we know the energy it takes to remove unwanted hair. Don't go through that trouble, and come as you are. And if you don't feel like being in a bathing suit, come with Yoga clothes! 
There is only one rule: BE COMFORTABLE!

$280 for 8 sessions

 Prairie Life Fitness membership not required
Register before May 15th and get 2 Free Aqua Relaxation sessions!

 Sunday 10th of June - Sunday 29th of July

Please consult with your health care  provider before signing up! 

Every Sunday at 5:30pm from June 10th to July 29th


Prairie Life Fitness in Coolsprings (300 Shingle Way, Franklin)

You will have access to the locker room, toilets and showers. The pool is heated at 86 degree F.

For whom?
For all women between 26 and 42 weeks of pregnancy
All level of Aqua Aerobics are welcome.

Even if you never practiced it before, if your health care provider agrees to it you can still participate.

(Partners will be welcome during 1 session!)

Mama Moon Birth Concierge
125 Stone Briar Ct 
Nashville, TN 37211