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This lotion has been made in our family for generations.

It is made with 2 simple ingredients: olive oil and Lime water.

You can use it on your baby's face and diaper area.

It is a great moisturizer, it protects against diaper rashes, and it helps clean dirty sticky diapers!!

8oz nozzle bottle of Liniment: $10

Keep in mind that when you purchase our birth package, you will receive those two products in your birth gift, with other French and American goodies!!!

Homemade French Liniment

Onesie "Petit Bateau"

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These French onsies are essential to dress newborns in after birth because of the crossover neck.

The fabric is really special and made to respect the fragile skin of your baby. It is 100% cotton and is super soft.

Our onsies are plain white to fit both boys and girls and they have long sleeves to keep them warm. 

Those onsies are the next best thing after momy's skin!

 Pack of 2 onesies Petit Bateau: $25