Education and Relaxation


Childbirth Education

-Relaxation Methods
-Labor Positions
- Hospital Bag and Postpartum essentials for Mom and baby
- Postpartum Plan
-Postpartum Care for Mom and baby
- Breastfeeding

Mama Moon Birth Concierge

125 Stone Briar Ct 

Nashville, TN 37211

​​This class is done in the comfort of your own home. It lasts up to 3 hours and requires both Mom and Dad to attend. 

We will go over the most important concepts that parents-to-be need to study and understand to get ready for birth and for the arrival of their baby. 

This class is perfect if you did not have the time to take a traditional Childbirth Education Class, or as a refresher class right before your due date.

Crash Course Childbirth Education Class:    $200

Crash Course Childbirth Education Class

* This package (class plus massage), is included in the FLY ME TO THE MOON, Labor Doula Services package.

*This package cannot be done in your own home.

​Our Crash Course Childbirth Education Class can be overwhelming. We recommend that you get our head-to-toe Prenatal Massage immediately following the class to allow us to discuss your fears and concerns and to help you deal with them in a relaxing environment.

That way you will leave confident, relaxed, and ready to give birth with peace of mind!

Crash Course Childbirth Education Class + Prenatal Massage: $270

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​Course topics

- Birth Plan

​-Labor Stages
-Medical Interventions
-Pain Medications
-How to go through a contraction
-Partner's job: Comfort Measures