​​​What is the difference between a midwife and a Doula?

You will know personally your doula because you will build a relationship with her during your entire pregnancy, and during labor she will never leave your side. Continuity of care is the most important thing that women need during labor and it is the essential part of a doula’s work. You do not know which nurses or midwife will be on call when you will be in labor. Their shifts change so even if you know them personally they might have to go home in the middle of your birth and you might have to get used to another caregiver. Moreover, medical staff are very busy with other patients so they cannot stay by your side during your entire birth. Continuity of care is not their priority. It is not a part of their job. Continuity of care is the best aspect of a doula’s work and it is the reason why doulas are so effective.

How come doulas are so effective?

      In a woman’s life, there isn’t a moment more beautiful, challenging, and transforming than the journey to motherhood. Yet all our effort and resources go to plan our weddings, never our pregnancies and births.
A wedding is a day of your life and lots of good memories, but a pregnancy is so much more. Feeling life growing inside of you and giving birth can be the most wonderful experience of your life. 
Having a knowledgeable guide or friend to listen to you and hold your hand, answer your questions, teach you what you need to know about birth, relax you when you are in pain or afraid, and support you during the birth of your baby will give you power and confidence. 

Being fully supported during pregnancy and birth is invaluable!​​ ​

What is the difference between Sophrology and Hypnobabies?

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What does research show about  doulas ?

What makes us different?

At Mama Moon, we offer our passion and love to support pregnant women and young mothers of our community.
-We are mothers so we know what you are going through. Let us help and support you!
-We are professionals: Certified doula, Sophrologist, and experienced party planner.
-We are from France so we bring quality, high class services to our clients.
-We are dynamic, motivated and passionate about wellness, motherhood, birth, and babies.

Our prices are affordable and our packages are easily customable to fit your needs and desires.​

​Hypnobabies is a program where mother-to-be learn to deeply relax their mind and body in order to have a peaceful, relaxing, comfortable pregnancy and birth. Words will be changed to positively reprogram the mind about birth. For instance the word contraction is changed for the word pressure wave, the word pain by the word sensation etc. It uses tools like visualization, breathing, and relaxation scripts. Once the person is completely relaxed, they call it a hypnosis state, which isn't totally true since the person is conscious and in control. 
Real Hypnosis target the unconscious whereas Sophrology target the conscious mind. Sophrology uses the exact same relaxation techniques and tools used in Hypnobabies. So basically the technique used in hypnobabies is not hypnosis but really it is Sophrology. 
The main differences would be that Hypnobabies offer a complete childbirth education course, Sophrology birth preparation does not. Also it does not change wording like Hypnobabies do. 

​​​​​Frequently Asked Questions

The key is continuity of care. A continuous doula labor support increases self-esteem and mobility, and decreases pain and anxiety. In turn, those four factors decrease the use of epidurals, the use of extra interventions like pitocin, and they promote shorter labor. As a result we see higher birth satisfaction, spontaneous vaginal birth, better infant outcome and a decrease of C-section rates.

On this website you can see the conceptual model that shows these ideas:


Why Doula Services?

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Why is a Doula important ?

The word “Doula” is of Greek origins. It means a “female servant to a woman”.
In her book “The Birth Partner”, Penny Simkin says that “the goal of a doula is to help the mother have a satisfying birth as SHE defines it”. A Doula is an experienced guide that is trained to support a woman and her birth partner through their pregnancy, the birth of their baby, and through the postpartum period.  A Doula provides emotional support, physical comfort and non clinical advice. She empathizes, reassures, encourages, and comforts both the mother and her birth partner.

    Researches show that having a Doula reduces by 28% the risk of having a C-section, and by 34% the risk of being dissatisfied with the birth experience. A doula is an experienced guide trained to support women during pregnancy and birth.
Mama Moon offers complete doula support during your pregnancy, your birth, and your postpartum period, whether you give birth at the hospital or at home. We will help you design the birth that you want and we will support you physically and emotionally no matter what happens during labor and birth. Then, we will help you care for yourself and for your newborn in the comfort of your own home day or night.
Our goal is for you to feel strong, serene, and supported so that you can truly enjoy the best moment of your life!

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What is a Doula ?

​Why should you invest in your pregnancy and birth?

-A Doula has an educational role during pregnancy but also during labor:

  • She will help parents-to-be apply what they learned in childbirth classes
  • She will help her clients understand what is happening during each step of labor

-A Doula will help to adjust the parent’s expectations if labor does not go according to plan.

-She will create a peaceful environment using aromatherapy, candles, and music for the mother-to-be and her partner to feel relaxed.

-She will provide labor support to a laboring woman:

  • She will give her comfort measures to relieve labor pain (massages, hip squeeze...).
  • She will encourage her to stay active (walking, using the birth ball, changing positions).
  • She will assist her by finding a ritual and a rhythm.
  • She will keep the mother calm and relaxed between and during contractions for the labor to progress normally.

-She will also provide labor support to the birth partner:

  • She will tend to the mother’s needs (bring ice, washcloth etc..), so that the birth partner can stay with her at all times.
  • She will teach the birth partner how to support his/her wife during birth (Massages, hip squeeze, the take-charge routine).
  • She will stay with the mother while the birth-partner goes to eat, updates the family, or takes a nap.
  • She will photograph and film the birth so that the birth partner can truly enjoy those moments without watching them behind the lens of a camera. 

-A doula is a link between the parents and the medical staff:

  • She will talk to the nurses and she will make sure that the caregivers are following the parent’s wishes.
  • She will remind the parents to weigh the pros and cons of a medical intervention and to take an informed decision.
  • ​​​A doula will never make decisions for the parents-to-be, but she will support them no matter what choices they make.

Having a doula is not necessary but it is very important to those who want to choose and write their own birth story!

In 2012, Hodnett et al. published a review titled “Continuous Support for Women During Childbirth”. This research shows that giving birth with the continuous support of a doula reduces by 31% the use of Pitocin, by 28% the risk of C-section, by 9% the use of medications for pain relief, by 14% the risk of newborns being admitted to the NICU, and by 34% the risk of being dissatisfied with the birth experience. This research also shows a 12% increase in the likelihood of a spontaneous vaginal birth.