​Gender Reveal Parties are very popular these days. You get to play games, eat cakes, and of course you get to discover if you are expecting a baby boy or a baby girl. However, it takes a little bit of planning and you will have to let someone close to you know the gender of your baby before you do.
Mama Moon is here to help you plan a fun, elegant Gender Reveal Party!
Pick the reveal that you want and we will come to the place of your choice to set up a cute Blue, Pink, and Gold table with cupcakes, macarons, candies, and fresh flowers. When the time is right, we will let you discover the gender of your baby surrounded by your friends and family.

Gender Reveal Party: $420

Mama Moon Birth Concierge

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Nashville, TN 37211

Gender Reveal Party

Our price includes:

Gender Reveal Party

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Mama Moon's Gender Reveal:

​-The top secret card and prepaid envelop for the ultrasound tech to write the gender on
-Set up and tear down of the table by one of our staff members
-20 cupcakes

-20 handcrafted macarons from Bake It French

-Fresh flowers
-Paper plates and napkins
-The reveal of your choice
-1 chalkboard + Boy & Girl buttons for your guest to tally their gender intuition

- Homemade French cakes

- custom work 

-Pink or Blue powder bomb (This is messy so you and your gests will have to wear white basic clothing. You will be able to keep your shirt as a keepsake)
-Pink or Blue Cake (can be cupcakes, or popcake)
- Shoot the Balloon with pink or blue paint in it (It will create a nice keepsake)
-Pull the string piñatas
-Big box of pink or blue helium balloons
-Sibbling reveal
-Pink or Blue colored room
-Full surprise! We pick the type of reveal for you.​

​You can add those options for an additional price: