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Labor Support

   During your pregnancy, I am available for you 24/7, by phone or email. My wish is for us to know each other well, so the more we can meet over tea and chocolate croissant, the better. No discussion is off the table, I am here to reassure you and to answer all of your questions.

As our relationship grows, we will discuss your birth and how you envision it, so that we can design a birth plan. I will ask you and your partner your best and worst birth scenario so that we can discuss your fears and address them. We will also talk about diet and activities to stay healthy during pregnancy, and how to get ready for a baby: the things you need to have, how to organize the nursery, your hospital bag etc.. I will recommend childbirth classes and other professionals that you might need like prenatal yoga teachers, chiropractors etc.

Around week 37 we will have a prenatal appointment where we will review your birth plan, talk about relaxation methods, labor positions, and labor stages. Around this time your partner might know how involved they want to be during labor, so that they will tell me how they want me working with them. We will also discuss the postpartum period and how to care for yourself and for your newborn. If you plan to breastfeed we can also go over the basics together. Then, we will check the list of the things you have for yourself, your partner and for the baby, and that your hospital bag is ready. Finally we will talk about your fears and concerns.

Because this meeting can be stressful, I will give you a head to toe Prenatal Massage so when I leave, you will be completely relaxed and ready to give birth with peace of mind and serenity.

I am on call from week 37 until you give birth.

When labor starts, I will come to your home whenever you need me. Do not be afraid of false start, I will assess the situation with you on the phone and even if you are not sure, I can come to your home to reassure you. When true labor starts, I will stay with you and I will not leave your side until one hour after your baby is born.

During the first postpartum hour, I will help you with breastfeeding if it is something that you wish to do. I will answer any questions or worries and I can take pictures of your newly formed family. I will leave when you are ready for quiet time together. 

Once you get settled at home, I will come to check on you. We can discuss the birth, and I will answer any questions and help you with any problems you might be having.

I will stay available for you by phone or email 24/7, for the 6 weeks after the birth so that I can answer any questions or concerns. Once again no topic is off the table!

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