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​​​​Childbirth Education

We organize memorable elegant parties, as well as sweet moments designed just for you and your partner, so you can feel the emotion of the moment not the stress of the organization.

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Mama Moon Birth Concierge

125 Stone Briar Ct 

Nashville, TN 37211


Prepare your body and your mind for birth by taking care of yourself. Indulge in well deserved wellness activities that will nurture your pregnant soul and body. The benefit will be countless!

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​​​​Party Planning

This classe will teach you important skills and informations that Moms and Dads need right before giving birth. It will empower you and give you peace of mind.

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We can tend to all of your pregnant and postpartum needs: Run errands, help prepare your hospital bag, your baby registry, get the nursery ready, etc. You can lean on us and enjoy your pregancy and your baby.

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​​​​Team up with a birth professional that you can trust and lean on. We accompany you through your baby journey, so that you can enjoy each step of the way, feeling serene, strong and supported.

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​​​​Doula Services