Sophrology practice is based on breathing, relaxation, gentle movement, mindfulness and visualization.

Sophrology is practiced in 2 ways :

- Individual session to help dealing with a specific issue or need

- Group session based on self development

A first individual Sophrology session lasts around 1 hour, beginning with an initial conversation to get to know your life style, your health, your concerns. Then, Marie will explain how Sophrology can be helpful in your specific situation, and she will initiate a guided practice tailored on what suits you best.

After a Sophrology practice you feel calmer, relaxed, more in control, able to take some distance with actual or coming stressful situation or event.

At the end, you will receive a recording of the practice so that you can practice at home. The more you practice Sophrology, the more you are able to get in control with the difficulties you are facing in your life.

People who benefit from Sophrology are stressed, anxious, have difficulties to sleep well, need to improve or get focused to deal with a stressful situation, lack confidence, need to prepare for events like exams, sport performance, medical surgery, birth, or want to stop bad habits.

Sophrology suits everybody, targets all ages, and doesn’t require any preparation or specific clothing, as it does not involve active exercises.
Sophrology is neither a religion or a dogma and has nothing to do with any belief. This is just a method, a practice.
Sophrology is not a substitute of any medical treatment. 

You can learn more about Sophrology here:

What is the difference between Sophrology and the technique used in Hypnobabies?

​Hypnobabies is a program where mother-to-be learn to deeply relax their mind and body in order to have a peaceful, relaxing, comfortable, pregnancy and birth. Words will be changed to positively reprogram the mind about birth. For instance the word contraction is changed for the word pressure wave, the word pain by the word sensation etc. It uses tools like visualization, breathing, and relaxation scripts. Once the person is completely relaxed, they call it a hypnosis state, which isn't totally true since the person is conscious and in control.

Real Hypnosis target the unconscious whereas Sophrology target the conscious mind. Sophrology uses the exact same relaxation techniques and tools used in Hypnobabies. So basically the technique used in hypnobabies is not hypnosis but really it is Sophrology. 

The main differences would be that Hypnobabies offers a complete childbirth education course, Sophrology birth preparation does not. Also it does not change wording like Hypnobabies does.  

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What is Sophrology?

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Six tailored sessions, based on reducing stress and tension during pregnancy, pain management, bonding with baby before birth, getting better sleep, preparing body and mind for birth, activating positive thoughts and reducing fear about a medical environment during birth.

Fathers can also join certain sessions. Each session is recorded so that you can practice at home. You will also get a short recorded meditation script for the day of birth.

​ 6 sessions (1 hour per session): $225

Birth Preparation Package: