​Amandine came to a prenatal appointment for a meet and greet. I was very comforted by her presence and knowledge.

She offered love and support during my labor. She arrived at the hospital with a calming demeanor and she immediately began supporting me based on my suggestions / needs discussed during our prenatal session.

Amandine exceeded my expectation. One exemplified sisterhood and support. It was a pleasure to have her for myself and partner.

Thanks Amandine!




We met to discuss my birth plan expectations. Amandine went through many thorough questions and we got to know each other. We actually had many things in common.

 Amandine was here prior to my transfer to the hospital as I labored at home. She was also with us during the 5 hours I labored at the hospital. She provided both physical and emotional support to myself and my husband.

She was very reassuring and always there to give on encouraging word or hold my hand. She even grabbed my camera and got great photos. Photos we wouldn’t have had, had she not done that.

I felt very vulnerable during the birth and Amandine made sure she was there for every need I had.


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